Transition out of military/Application/Acceptance Process

I was recently discharged from the Marine Corps in April, 2018 and immediately moved back home with my parents on their farm in West Virginia. I knew I was about to start graduate school in the Fall and needed to find a new place to live so that I could have access to easy internet connection/library resources, etc.
I planned to live in Florida while I pursue my Masters degree so I flew down to Fort Lauderdale and began searching for an apartment. I had searched and toured for 3 days various apartments, houses, condos, and townhouses but to no avail. Too expensive, dangerous locations, no pets allowed, and no amenities included were few of the primary issues I found with the previous places I had toured. Cameron Cove was the last complex I had on my list before I flew back to WV the following day
Nicole was great with presenting information to me in a clear and concise manner. It has been some time since I searched and rented an apartment as I've been in the military for quite some time and I was a bit nervous/stressed with choosing the best suite to accommodate my needs. She answered all my questions and was very helpful throughout the entire process. 100% professional. Following the tour of one of the units, I was immediately determined that this is the place where I wanted to reside while I pursued my graduate degree. The amenities alone offered on the complex was enough to satisfy my needs. The next steps in securing a unit were very simple and Nicole guided me and answered all my questions throughout the duration of my application/move in process. I am very content with the choice I made in deciding to rent with Cameron Cove. I look forward to getting myself acquainted with the south Florida area and concentrating on school while I live in a very comfortable and relaxing environment, Cameron Cove. I highly recommend these apartments to anyone that plans on living by themselves or to a couple.